I forgive myself

June 18, 2022
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I forgive myself.

I practice forgiveness each day. I recognize how incredible it is to forgive!

I accept myself exactly as I am.

 I live by the principle that “I am perfect as I am.”

I choose a life free from self-judgment, I accept myself as I am without needing to be anything else. I choose to love myself just the way I am.

I choose to believe that I deserve to be happy. I prefer to trust that I can become a better person because I learn so much through the process of healing.

I forgive myself completely for any acts of sabotage that caused me to feel unworthy or unlovable.

I forgive myself for giving away my power to anyone else.

I forgive myself for using food, drink, drugs, sex, money, or anything to satisfy my needs instead of trusting my true desires.

I forgive myself and align my agenda with loving myself completely.

 I forgive myself and believe I am worthy of happiness.

I forgive myself wholeheartedly, and I know I belong.

I forgive myself compassionately, and I forgive my parents, siblings, and loved ones.

Today, I forgive myself entirely and accept myself as I truly am.

 I forgive myself wholly and vow to live my truth. I forgive myself fully and acknowledge the illusion of control in my life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What makes forgiveness a powerful tool?

2. How do I feel as I forgive myself?
3. What does it feel like to forgive others?

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