I think for myself

June 24, 2022
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I think for myself.

I learn to think independently, and I know

how to look at things differently.

My natural curiosity leads me to seek out the answers to many questions. 

I always listen to my inner mentor.

I understand that sometimes people choose to answer in silence. I respect other people’s silence. They may wish for me to seek my own answer. Or they may be honest in their silence.

I read the signals people give out. I pay attention to my feelings and choose what aligns with my beliefs.

 I seek help when I need it.

I use these skills to ask questions about my life. I learn to be open-minded.

I seek opportunities to expand my thinking.

 I listen to all points of view, and I am open to different ways of communicating.

I apply my principles to every aspect of life

and, in doing so, my critical thinking skills


I figure out what makes sense to me. I look for ways to improve my life. I make decisions based on my values in each situation.

I seek out new viewpoints and perspectives. I am expanding my mind. I open myself to new opportunities. I accept myself and others as we truly are.

Today, I expand my mind. 

I am growing and changing, and I am living a life of integrity.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Which behaviors can improve my independence?
  2. How can I continue to develop critical thinking skills?
  3. Do feelings manifest physically, how can I tune in to help myself?

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