It is okay to show my emotions

June 15, 2022
photo Mario Alvarado by pexel

It is okay to show my emotions.

I express my feelings in healthy and appropriate ways.

I connect with myself. 

I deepen my self-awareness. I keep a journal about my thoughts and feelings. I explore my anger and sadness, instead of pushing them away.

I use my inner dialogue to comfort and encourage myself.

I validate my feelings. I love and accept myself as I am. I observe myself without making judgements. I remain calm. I treat myself with compassion and make decisions that align with my values.

I talk about my feelings with family and friends who I trust. 

I find a quiet time and place for sensitive discussions. I become more skillful and comfortable with practice.

I show others that I care about them. I kiss and hug my loved ones. I tell my partner how much I appreciate them. I celebrate my coworkers’ victories and empathize with their setbacks.

I let others know when they cross my boundaries. I am tactful and direct.

I make art. I release tension and boost my happiness by cooking gourmet meals, playing musical instruments, and painting or drawing landscapes and animals.

I continue learning. I study psychology and philosophy. I read literature and spiritual texts. I find role models who demonstrate strong emotional intelligence.

Today, I embrace my humanity. 

I have the courage to be vulnerable and authentic. I experience and express my emotions.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What is the difference between managing emotions and repressing them?
  2. How does trying to suppress my feelings affect my health and relationships?
  3. What would I say to someone who thinks that emotions are a sign of weakness?

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