My needs are important

June 16, 2022
photo ChandriĀ Anggara pexel

My needs are important.

I make myself a top priority.

I clarify my values and priorities. 

I figure out what is important to me. 

I explore my purpose. I set compelling and realistic goals.

I validate my feelings. I treat myself with compassion. I accept myself as I am while working on making constructive changes.

I set boundaries.

 I deserve to be treated with respect. 

I let others know what behavior is acceptable and the consequences for exceeding my limits. I remove myself from toxic situations.

I advocate for myself. I stand up for my principles. I ask for help when I need it. When I run into conflicts, I search for compromises and solutions that satisfy both others and me.

I live an authentic life. 

I pursue my own definition of happiness and success. 

I listen to my instincts.

I take care of my mental and physical needs. I manage stress. I continue to learn and

grow. I eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. I sleep well. I listen to my body and see a doctor for routine screenings and symptoms that concern me.

I take care of my social and spiritual needs. I develop mutually supportive relationships. I do work that leverages my strengths and contributes to society. I enjoy enriching hobbies. I pray. I join a faith community where I feel like I belong.

Today, I make choices that help me to meet my core needs. 

I feel strong and stable.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are my most important emotional needs?
  2. How can I distinguish between needs and wants?
  3. Why is it okay to take time for myself?

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